Post # 9 – Warband – The Witch Hunters

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Post # 9 – Warband – The Witch Hunters

Postby Drildgen » 17 June 2016, 14:07

Hello everyone,

We have finally reached our destination, the reveals for the upcoming Witch Hunters Warband is now complete! Today we're proud to divulge the specific details of the Warband itself. Background story, Warriors, Stats, Skills and more! Without further due, we present you the Witch Hunters!

The Order of the Templars of Sigmar was founded in the early days of the Empire. Commonly known as Witch Hunters, these warriors root out evil where it hides among men. Depraved Chaos cults, hideous mutants, the abominable undead, witches and sorcerers practicing their black arts, even the insidious Skaven have been unmasked and destroyed by the zealous efforts of Witch Hunters. To join the Order is to accept a violent and dangerous life. Fear and mercy alike are qualities no Witch Hunter can allow within himself, only unwavering faith in Sigmar. These warriors have come to Mordheim to redeem it from its corruption – or see it purged in fire.
Order: Those who choose of a world without constant war, slavery, and debauchery. Valor, honor, and bravery inhabit the hearts of these stoic defenders of freedom. Though not always on allied terms with the other races of Order, these armies will unite under a single banner for the greater good.

Warband Warriors
Leader: Witch Hunter Captain
Hero: Templar Knight
Henchmen: Zealot & Flagellant
Hero: Witch Hunter (Warband Rank 2)
Hero: Warrior-Priest (Warband Rank 3)
Impressive: Executioner (Warband Rank 5)

--- Warrior --------------------Ag-------S--------T---------L-------Int------Ale------WS------BS------Acc
Witch Hunter Captain---6/15----5/13----5/13----8/16----6/12----5/15----5/15----5/16----5/15
Witch Hunter---------------6/16----3/12----3/12-----4/9-----3/12----5/15---4/15----6/12----6/17
Templar Knight------------3/12----6/16----6/16----4/15----3/9-----4/12----8/18----3/12----3/10
Unique Warband Skills
Trial by Pain: Single enemy. A ranged attack that deals regular damage. If hit, the target gains a debuff that deals 5-15 damage every time a melee or ranged attack is used for 1 turn. Not Stackable.
Burn the Witch: Single enemy. A melee attack that deals regular damage. If hit, the target gains a debuff that increases Spellcasting cost by 1 Offense Point for 1 turn. Stackable.
Fanatical Zeal: Self. Increases Melee Hit chance by 5% for 1 turn. Prevents Flee and Disengage for 2 turns. Not Stackable.
Ardent Cleansing (passive): After gathering a Wyrdstone, increases Wyrdstone Resistance by 10% for 2 turns and receive a 25% chance to recover 1 Strategy Point. Not Stackable.
Sigil of Sigmar (passive): After failing a Magic Resistance test, increases Melee Damage by 20% for 1 turn. Stackable.
Witchfinder's Ward (passive): Increases Poison and Wyrdstone Resistance by 10%.

Warband Weaponry
Flagellant and Zealot specific weapons:
Executioner specific weapons:
General Witch Hunters weapons:
This concludes our preview of the Witch Hunters Warband. We hope you've enjoyed these previews and we encourage you to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Get ready to purge the streets of Mordheim with the Witch Hunters Warband DLC, available June 21st 2016!
Witch Hunters_coming soon.jpg
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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Re: Post # 9 – Warband – The Witch Hunters

Postby Arganan » 20 June 2016, 07:05

Even when I looking forward to play witch hunters, i'm a little bit confused about the stats:
1. captain has the best skill for dodge tanks, but isn't capable to master side step (agi 12<15), yes there are books etc. but realy mentioned that way?
2. a witch hunter initial build to use range weapons (bs6) also has a pretty high melee stats(strength 6 agi 3) in comparission to the templar knight( str 3 agi 6 and ws 8)
3. Executioner looks like a realy tough guy, so i would expect a toughness capability of 20.
4. Warior priest isn't capable to master Armor Proficient (str 9<12), well there are alternatives right, but naming does matter, doesn't?

so what kind of reason were there for this constellation?

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Re: Post # 9 – Warband – The Witch Hunters

Postby Morjax » 22 June 2016, 19:25

New Warband is here! Does happy dance

I'm still digesting the stats and skills and whatnot, but I'm excited to explore the build possibilities afforded. Seems like starting starts are relatively strong!

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Re: Post # 9 – Warband – The Witch Hunters

Postby smarttrigger » 25 June 2016, 16:49

Would it be possible to get the banner for the witch hunters?
Talking about this one here: ... n/flag.png just for the Witch Hunters :).

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Re: Post # 9 – Warband – The Witch Hunters

Postby silverknight2021 » 01 July 2016, 03:39

please more faces, armor skin, weapon skin henchmen and heroes.

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