Release Notes - Patch #6

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Release Notes - Patch #6

Postby Drildgen » 28 April 2016, 17:32

Hello Everyone,

Today we are proud to release the 6th patch (v1.2.4.6) for Mordheim: City of the Damned.

We hope you will enjoy these improvements, and look forward to seeing you fight in the dark streets of Mordheim: City of the Damned.

General Changes
  • AI warbands will now be able to use the Hired Sword “linked” to them:
    • Smuggler: Sisters of Sigmar
    • Globadier: Skaven Clan Eshin
    • Doomweaver: Cult of the Possessed
    • Priest of Ulric: Human Mercenaries
  • Oil Barrels and enemies have been moved in the Cult of the Possessed's campaign mission 2-1, to make it easier for warriors to access the Bridge
  • Poison Resistance bonus provided by Toughness points have been increased from 2% to 3%
Skills Changes
  • Modified the text for skills that used the word “caster” in order to avoid confusion (such as Ritual of Scorn)
  • Idol of Pestilence: effects have been reduced to -2 for the regular version and -4 for the mastery version
  • Boon of Chaos: Increased duration of the effects to 3 turns
  • Curse of Chaos: Increased duration of the effects to 3 turns
  • Fixed pathfinding in stairways for all the variations of one building found in Merchant Quarter and another building found in Nobles Quarter
  • Fixed the slippery behaviour of the long stairway located in the Great Library
  • Fixed an exploit that could allow certain players to shoot through ceiling/floors in the Ravens Barracks
  • Fixed Smelting Salts' targets not standing up when un-stunned
  • Fixed Information concerning spells disappearing in the action wheel while in Windows Mode
  • Fixed retroaction UI position on screen
  • Fixed the number of debuff shown in the information panes
  • Fixed reset of last action wounds and retroaction
  • Fixed range hit roll on destructible targets when destructible target is null
  • Fixed Skaven not looting on Tutorial 3
  • Fixed snow king's decree displayed damage during counter attack
  • Fixed infuse globe (and healing skills in general) not displaying any information.
  • Fixed market stock showing up negative sometimes
  • Fixed spells description (hideout) disappearing in window mode
  • Targeting idols will now display 100% all the time
  • Fixed gas clouds re-appearing on game reload
  • Fixed a rare occurrence that certain buildings would be blocked by deployed Warband Wagons in Nobles' Quarter procedural maps.
  • Buff/Debuff arrow will now have the correct count of buffs/debuffs
  • Knowledge: Ambush and Vigilance passive skills now properly increase melee resistance against Ambush attacks
  • Acid Breath's debuff and Wyrdstone Horns mutation buff description properly updated with correct values
  • Player's Dramatis Personae should no longer receive the instant-death spellcasting curse during campaign missions
  • Onslaught won't be available anymore if you do not own a weapon that can parry

How to help us
If you find any bugs or need some technical help, please refer to the thread "READ FIRST - Problems loading/launching the game", and the appropriate forum for bugs reporting and technical issues, and do no post in general discussions. The general discussion forum is very hard for us to navigate as there is a lot of movement, so we only look at it briefly.

If you experience a game breaking bug, such as a crash to desktop, please make a post in the Bug report section, and also send your output log and a copy of your combat log, found in your Steam install directory:
- Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\mordheim_Data\output_log.txt
- Steam\SteamApps\common\mordheim\combat.log

Email these logs to logs at and we'll take a look at it. Please link your post/thread in your email so we can return to it. A DxDiag can also be helpful, and if you managed to take a screenshot that will also help quite a bit.

We hope you enjoy this patch. Feel free to check the forums regularly to get information on what's coming next to Mordheim: City of the Damned
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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