Utility of Warband members

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Utility of Warband members

Postby heslos » 30 October 2016, 01:19

I'm relatively new to Mordheim CotD, so I'm still learning the mechanics of the game. I'm curious as to what people think about the relative utility of the various warband members (campaign only... I've not done mp).

Vampire - given. I've tried him as a two-hander umjummer, but I'm going to try to run him as a sword and board for tanking. I originally thought to use him as a spearhead, but I find that numbers are meaningless half the time.

Vampire Spawn - I can't find a use for this chick. Spreading fear is cool, I guess, but her stats... they just don't compare to my Dregs, zombies, or ghouls by the time she's unlocked for me. Usually she's the target of any group combat, like every other warband hates sexy vamp chicks. I started a new game at rank 5 (which would theoretically make her more valuable), but I decided not to take her. Do I lose much beyond the fear debuff?

Dreg - I love these guys. They make great archers and look like they could really serve to help the vampire shine with their healing ability. My Dregs tend to do very well, sometimes taking MVP from the vamp... not often, but sometimes.

Zombies - These guys rock. Expendable, not very strong, slow to learn, and slow to move, they somehow end up being more effective than my ghouls. Not sure how... maybe my builds are bad.

Ghouls - I like the debuffs, and the combo with the necromancer's rot spell sounds interesting, but I'm not really seeing any noticeable increase to the spell damage. I also don't know much about the spell damage calculation. I'm not sure how, but my ghouls have very short life spans. If I lose someone, it tends to be either a ghoul or a vampire spawn... getting real tired of paying for them to get treated.

Necromancer - this guy's pretty cool so far. I do want to experiment with the other spells, but the lack of invocation of nehek makes me sad.

Crypt horror - I love this guy (assuming gender). I've had him go toe to toe with two other impressive units (ogre and executioner), and he seems to stack up fairly well. The 70% dodge is amazing. I'm trying to figure out how to build his abilities, either for more survivability or more damage. I'm new to impressive units, so I'm also debating on how to even use this unit. I've tried both sending him at other impressives and sending him to squash heroes and henchmen. It seems the biggest bang for the buck is the henchmen and heroes, but that's lost xp for my other fellows.



Re: Utility of Warband members

Postby Guest » 31 October 2016, 12:53

I've been playing around with them a bit over the weekend. Can't comment on the Necromancer or Crypt Horror yet as I haven't got my rank high enough.

My general impression of the warband is that it's very slow and tanky. The zombies are great for this. Just build them to survive and tie things up and have your Vampire/Dreg going from fight to fight to rack up kills. Vamp is heavy armour, hammer and shield, Dreg is bow & halberd. I've been using the Thrall as a scout going for speed, dodge & bow then switching to a great weapon for close quarters. I've not done much with the ghouls - they always seem to get taken out of action really quickly.

This kind of approach is great for missions where your warband is grouped together as they advance as a solid block. Because they're so slow, they're at a massive disadvantage when scattered. Also, the risk going with an all zombie henchman team is that if things go badly you can't rout.


Re: Utility of Warband members

Postby Guest » 31 October 2016, 19:14

I find that the most efficient way too keep Ghouls alive, is to not let them take the brunt of charges. But rather to have zombies doing that, then go in with a ghoul to deliver massive damage, in hopes of managing to finish of a foe. At the very least they will hopefully have dealt enough damage that the enemy is taken out quickly on the next turn, and avoiding the ghouls having to take much damage in the process.

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Re: Utility of Warband members

Postby Echtel » 01 November 2016, 00:10

Here's how I roll:


Vampire (of course). Sword and board, specced as tanky as possible. stack melee resistance, armor absorption and then throw in that sweet undead 20% crit resistance passive too. Put him in the front line defending chokepoints, fire up defensive stance and voilà you have a nearly unkillable monster that can easily hold multiple opponents while your ranged dps uses them as target practice and turns them into pin cushions...


Thrall (you are indeed missing out a lot if you don't take her she's totally awesome!). Secondary tank, sword and board; ends up with a little bit less armor absorption but even more melee resistance than the Vampire which, coupled with fear, makes her virtually unhittable in most situations (of course RNG will still kick you in the nuts occasionally, but that's how it goes)...

Dreg. Do I even need to say it? These guys are just awesome; give them a bow, stack crit chance, give them vital shot and sharp shooter and watch your opponents fall on their knees without even realizing what hit them, then just jump 'em with vampires and henchmen and it's GG...

Necromancer. The awesome synergy he has with the vampires makes it worth taking him by itself; add the fact that you can spec him as a support archer, on top of being a spellcaster, and he becomes a must-have in any undead warband. You are so going to love what Idol of death does in tandem with fear and terror, or what corpse flesh does for your vampire tanks...

Globadier. You can't do without this little fellow, I can't stress this enough. Basically all your melee fighters besides ghouls (well and dregs if you spec them for melee... but why would you? :p) are immune to poison, so you can just toss your globes into the thick of the fight and watch your opponents choke on the gas while your guys happily stroll through it with impunity. And, as if that was not enough, this ball of furry awesomeness can also heal your entire warband with his enriched globes (just make sure you don't heal enemies too in the process xD)


Zombie x3. Yes, you read correctly, I actually have more zombies than ghouls in my warband, and I must confess there are even times when I'm tempted to just ditch the ghouls completely and take 5 zombies instead lol. Despite being slow as cold s**t and not being able to use armor, these guys are among the best henchmen in the whole frikkin' game. Why? first off they are expendable and even if they go down your morale isn't affected (which is a VERY big deal because it allows you to basically completely ignore leadership stat and invest points in int and awareness instead); second, try to give them shields with melee resistance rune, hammers with rune of havoc, web of steel and overpower skills and you'll see what I mean...

Ghoul x2. Ok these guys are literally made of paper and die like flies, so you have to be careful, or they could be the downfall of your low-leadership gang of merry walking corpses. They can, however, pack quite a serious punch with frenzy and a 2 handed hammer or axe. Frankly there are times when I love them and times when I hate them; just a pair of them can take down pretty much anything by ganging up... IF they don't miss completely, screwing you over and getting themselves killed in 2 seconds. But I guess that's where the zombies with overpower come in, after all. Stunned targets get pasted so fast by frenzied ghouls that it's not even funny...

I just don't use crypt horror. I mean stat wise they are absolutely amazing, but sacrificing 2 hero slots and the chance to have all those beautiful synergies come together in a total bloodbath for your opponent? No thanks, not for me.


Re: Utility of Warband members

Postby Heslos » 01 November 2016, 20:17

As an update:

I went tank with the vampire. I need to put on the anti-crit skill, but he's shaping up nicely. He doesn't do a lot of damage, but he can generally hold his own.

My necro was taken down by a miscast, so he was out for a few games. I put in a second dreg and am doing dual bows - works out rather well. I came into a blue and purple short bow right off, so they're ranged death. I had them support the crypt horror last match and it worked rather well.

Crypt horror - I am horrified at how lethal this guy still is. I think, though, having to do it over again, I'd take three additional heroes if starting at rank 0. Starting at rank 5 with the crypt horror has meant the horror has leveled up fast and can solo just about anything thrown at it, but the rest of my warband have slightly less xp than they otherwise might. He almost trivialized the campaign mission 1-1, killing off the curator on the second round and somehow ignoring the chromatic ward.

Still iffy on the ghouls... through some probably bad decision making, I ended up taking 4 for the moment, all two handers or dual wield. They hit hard, when they hit. I try to keep them in reserve until the enemy commits, then I run them in for charges or just sneak them in behind an enemy in combat. Getting surrounded by ghouls can work well once the different diseases start to stack.

Zombies - I agree, still really, really effective. I'm thinking about trying a 5 zombie warband to see how it shapes up.

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Re: Utility of Warband members

Postby Leadpaintchips » 13 November 2016, 15:06

This warband, more than any other, makes me excited to run more than one warband. Just some observations that I've had in my first warband, which is just me feeling out the faction as a whole. I've been running the powershifting warband build (max lvl impressive, keeping all henchmen below lvl 3, and only equipping whites on everything but the impressive) while I figure out each class, and to make leveling up the heroes less risky. But the possibilities seem like they need all the slots in a warband to run, but with how differently they can play, I'm actually excited to run multiple warbands of this faction!

Vampire: Pretty standard for leaders, can go either tank or DPS, but with pretty much him being the bastion of morale, I've decided to have him be a tank. Granted, him being undead and immune to pretty much all the status effects out there is very nice, but he really is the king in this chess game, so if he goes, it seems like you're pretty screwed. Terror (failure drops pill count) also does fun things to keep him alive, which can go either way, but I find more useful on a tank.

Thralls: Standard melee DPS type hero, but with a low accuracy cap. Can be built as a tank, but for me, I prefer to tank with my henchmen than my heroes (less expensive/crippling of the warband if RNGeebus hates you). With access to the halberd, these guys have some amazing dps potential. Same suite of immunities as the Vamp, with Fear (failure decreases chance to hit by 30%) of instead of Terror. Find the Breach is amazing with that halberd, and if you use axes, really make plate wearers suffer. With all of her caps being as high as they are combined with a not shabby starting line of stats, you can build these however you want. I REALLY recommend using these however you use them.

Dreg: My first warband doesn't have any of these guys in it, there's just not enough room for all the cool! Their innate Skill makes me want to run a vampire focused warband, with the henchmen getting stuck in, thralls tearing something apart, Vamp being in the back of the front line being all leader like, and the dregs in the back laying down covering fire and being a pick-me-up for the Vamps for when plans go south. Because of them being a ranged health battery in this plan though, it requires some levels, so up until that point, they seem like they might be bloat.

Necromancer: THIS guy is the one that has me the most excited about possibilities. Because of the Vamp not being extremely unique (just better) compared to other Leaders, I feel like I wouldn't be giving up as much to promote this guy. The buffs he gives out, the synergy between Ghouls and Rotten Touch (it does 5% more damage per ghoul debuff on the target), and Lifestealer (granted it's not much health back, but damage combined with healing isn't something to frown upon) make me excited. Run him as leader, two Gobladiers, two ghouls to pump out debuffs, and zombies sounds amazing. Can't wait to test out the possibilities.

Ghoul: Soft squishy things. The debuffs apply to melee hits. I'm not a huge fan of the randomness to it, but they probably would be too powerful if they were guaranteed. Been using them with spears to make sure that they hit, and using dodge as their defense. So far, not as sold on them as I am with the zombies. Them being all alive makes using the Gobladiers more complicated, so another strike against them there.

Zombie: Oh. My. Gawd. These guys are what make the Undead amazing. Cannon fodder henchmen that you can actually use as cannon fodder? Amazing! They are slow as @#*&, but the Necromancer can fix that. They can only use one handed weapons, which means slightly less damage than the damage oriented henchmen, but that doesn't really matter. Throw the Death Stench skill on these guys, and you shouldn't be having any problems hitting things. Get Find the Breach on them, and make that plate+helm combo matter a little less. I've yet to find a situation where I didn't want to run a full 5 of these guys.

Crypt Horror: It's an impressive that can go through doors, and is large at the same time. It seems like it's custom built for the powershifting playstyle. Haven't used it in a fair fight past like lvl 5, but it just tears through everything. You can build it however you like, but it's not going to be as good as crits with a cap of 16 and no access to swords.. All the other relevant stats are capped at 20 though, so it's really up to you.

Like I said at the beginning, there are several ways to build the warband, but I think the thing that I like the most, is that it doesn't feel like the impressive is required. It's not weak though, just the synergy between the rest of the warband feels like it could stand on it's own against a warband with one. Playing against the computer, the factions that they feel the weakest against is the mirror matchup, and chaos. All of their tricks don't work against themselves so it's a slugfest, and chaos is pretty immune to their control elements. Witch hunters could also be potentially a problem, but not as much as these two.

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