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New to the game, HELP please :)

Posted: 18 May 2017, 13:05
by Gregor Eissenhorny
Hi guys, I have been watching some videos and read bits and bats and have a feel for the basics, just bought the game and I am wanting to try witch hunters. The thing is, I have watched some videos and when it comes to skills I am guessing the creators are assuming some prior knowledge. as a total newb I am finding it tough to find any info on what I should be aiming towards and what stats to focus on and things. I played a few missions as mercs then bought the DLC for WH's as I like the look of them :P

can anyone point me to a resource where I can get a good run through of what I should be doing. I am all for playing my way through but don't want to sink a ton of hours in to find out I have gone for all the wrong things as my gaming time is limited. I have started watching a GamekNight WH playlist but right from the bat I didn't understand why certain things were being selected.

Can anyone help?