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The Future

Postby Cisaro » 04 February 2017, 04:12

Firstly I would like to say thank you, this is an incredible game. My favourite RTS to date. I am a SG table top gamer and I've not had this much fun since fire emblem. I would like to suggest updates and inprovments for this game that can turn it all the way up to 11.

I am sure you are aware of many, and no doubt there are difficulties I am unaware of.

-custom game mode
Maybe I want to fight just one rank 8 Witch hunter against 4 low rank ogres. Please let me, let the player go wild with this any warband set up any gear ( perhaps you have to unlock it first in story mode ) but there are so many fun things I'd like to try.

- Maps, a modding community could do the leg work for you for this, but perhaps it is complex with GW involved. It would be nice to be on the outskirts of mordheim or in some more grand structures like the library.
Such as; a ship, a narrow highway into the city, a Forrest, perhaps encounters that only let you take 2 or 3 units and have far smaller maps.

- Warbands, dwarves please. (Slayers), also more customisation on units faces, the ability for weapons to have unique appearances not just a sword looks like this because it's his sword, of you get a slacken sword on your human it'd be cool to rock it, this could even have statistical advantages and disadvantages.

- Deployment phase. Please allow for a simpler deployment such as being able to deploy units in the map screen and move them around very simply.

- GRAVEYARD I would love a warband graveyard where I can see all my units that died and their stats and injuries, I lost a captain with a 2 page bio and when he died that died too, I'd like to see him ( perhaps in ghost form) even if I can't play him.

- Game Mission types , say you are entrenched or they are entrenched and you must wade through their defensives or vice versa.
Fancy a threeway? you stumble across two warbands already half depleted and fighting?

- ...the harder they fall. Say you come against a warband that's just a leader and two impressive units. Also please allow impressive units to be fielded by UI when you don't have one and vice versa.

MOVEMENT, really small drops that act like invisible walls should be jump/ hopable with a 70% chance not to use a strategy point + your agility stat

Once again thank you for this game and I am SO excited for necromunder.

Keep it hard, keep it unforgiving, keep it Mordheim


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