Some general feedback

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Some general feedback

Postby Jamoid » 10 December 2016, 12:29

Enjoying the game a lot, so thought I'd leave some constructive criticism. The game has a lot of potential, but there are some niggling things that I believe are preventing the game from truly shining (and reaching "very positive" on Steam):

- The game features customisation but no randomisation - small issue, but details matter
- Should default to selected unit's highest avoidance stance
- Deployment UI is incredibly clunky, especially when in a large cluster
- Turn order UI is needlessly confusing - instead of showing full turn orders, it only shows selected unit and those after it
- Could definitely do with more map variety - I have no idea how many different layouts there are, because they all feel the same
- Difficulty curve is a little off - game gets significantly easier as you gain levels, due to AI not using effective builds
- Early game balance is off - Skaven incredibly easy, while Chaos is very difficult (even without considering mutations)
- Oddly the game doesn't seem to have a true full-screen option
- Ambush mechanic often does not work, especially in cramped areas (which is a large part of the game)
- Friendly units can very easily block eachother - this may be a tabletop thing, I wouldn't know
- Crushing victories should allow you to finish your turn, letting you loot possible quest items from units you just killed
- Swift Charge animation is awkward - the graphical effect starts and ends abruptly, which is jarring
- Skaven voice could really benefit from some sort of effect over it - just sounds like a dude from south-west England talking oddly

I realise that I'm late to the party and that some of these could be by design or due to tabletop quirks, but thought I may as well list them all. Will add anything else I think of as I enjoy the game more!

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