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Postby MasterN » 03 December 2016, 22:40

Hi there. How are you doing?

So far I'm still busy with work, so not much time for playing... BUT...
I must say that I'm really satisfied with the level of progress that happened while I was gone.

2 Bands within about a year of release plus a couple of single units for temporary amusement....
Totaling at about 30 Bucks...

A while ago I started this thread (viewtopic.php?t=2037) and from the example I've given and the price I've chosen (~30 Bucks) it's also of great value for the money (imho)!

I'm happy that you're still going at it (I was afraid it wouldn't happen...).
Great work! :D

Here: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=2037
Progress [10]:[...]
- The fact, that one cannot choose any sort of hero, and any number of heroes at WB creation greatly deviates from the Tt (and on a personal note: ticks me off). As the game balances with WR-Rating (in an odd, but predictable fashion (hopefully changed one day)) there is no reason to change the Tt concept. It wouldn't break the game, nor give an unfair advantage. My suggestion:
- Instead of giving more money to starting WBs, how about giving them more hero/henchmen/reserve slots and the other heroes/henchmen/hired swords with higher veteran levels?
- As there already is the WB-Rating, how about giving the WB-levelling something like increased market rotation something in exchange for the slots and the units?
Didn't see this at first. Thank you so much for adding the "start warband at level 5"!
Although it is an unexpected solution to the problem I've had, I'm really happy it's there.

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