A couple of questions/statements for PS4.

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A couple of questions/statements for PS4.

Postby Gorecloud » 25 October 2016, 13:28

Hi guys, been a long time stalker on this forum but this is to be my first post.
I bought the game on pc the day it was released i enjoyed it a lot for a couple of weeks.
Long story short i switched to linux instead and never looked back.
I saw the game release on ps4 and instantly bought it (did not even know it was about to release on the console).
Yay, now i can enjoy this awesome game in my designated gaming corner.
so, here comes my wall of text that are my questions and statements...

1: What is up with the extremely uneven textures?
All in all the game looks decent enough, but if you start the first battle tutorial and take a look at the human mercenary wearing a bandana.
Now turn the camera and look at what s supposed to be his face.
It is an orange ball with 2 slightly smaller black and white blobs on it... it looks really bad.

2: WHAT is up with the camera?
As soon as you end your turn the camera freaks out and flips aroud all over the place EVEN when you have no enemies within your sight?!
or once you have one in sight and he runs up to attack you the camera takes nothing besides the character itself into consideration.
meaning that 80% or so of the time I'm sitting there staring into a brick wall because it happened to be a bit close to the character in question.
Very annoying.

3: The camera again.
The right stick is way to sensitive between the X and Y axis meaning that I'm having a big problem turning the camera sideways without looking up or down at the same time, also very irritating, but it might just be me?!

4: Indoors... omg!
So, leading my beloved little plagueridden rats indors has become something i truly fear.
because of 2 reasons.
First of all it is often extremely dark indoors, borderline making you feel blind.
second of all you get stuck in EVERYTHING... these two combined does not make for a pleasant experience.

5: The difference between outdoors and indoors lighting is to high.
The difference can most clearly be seen in the battle tutorial missions 1 and 3 i think (the first one and the one that takes place inside a cathedral).
the first one looks really washed out and brown/grey (VERY grey) compared to some other levels.
Not sure if it's supposed to look like fog or something?, but it simply does not look very good.
While on the other hand everything looks beautiful once you're inside the cathedral, besides the fact that i cannot see anything because it is pitch black...
Green and red outlines like they do in left 4 dead or vermintide would have made a world of difference here i think.

6: Controls.
The controls feel seriously awkward in about half the time you're actually using it.
While in combat it works somewhat good...
BUT once you're thrown back into the menus it really is no good.
in combat you switch between pretty much everything using R1 and L1 while in the shopping menu you use the TRIANGLE to switch in one direction only?, what?.
There is no continuity in the controls between the combat and none combat parts of the game wich really throws you off.
Or the fact you need to manually flick your marker to the "Confirm" window and then press X instead of having X and O automatically meaning Confirm/Decline like every other game on the market does...
The controls need a serious overhaul in my opinion, they simply are not up to snuff and they make the game needlessly complicated at several points.

7: the Trophies/achievements?
So i was looking on the different trophies the game has to offer and i realised something.
You've added several trophies utilizing the online mode such as "First blood: win an online match" or "Testing the waters: win 50 online matches".
I personally hate when they do like this and mix online with offline when it comes to trophies or achievements.
Like they did in the 2013 tomb raider, I'm stuck at 70% or so because the multiplayer has been dead since day one pretty much.
So my question is this, CAN these trophies be done while playing versus bots?, because i haven't seen one single match in the multiplayer lobby since the day the game was released.
Not one.

8: The dlc.
I noticed how you released the game with the witch hunter dlc while the globadier and sellsword (?) dlc is nowhere to be found.
will this content be released somehow and in that case when?

9: The AI vs Ambush.
WTF is up with the AI completely ignoring my ambush and overwatch zones half the time?
Several times I've had enemy AI just happily stroll right past 3-4-5 ambush zones just to walk up to my leader rat and whack him in the head?!
This is completely gamebreaking and extremely annying since it takes away a lot of the strategy in the game.
This needs to be fixed asap.

10: Awesome job on shortening the loading times.
The loaking times on the ps4 version are... ok.
On pc i remember them being horrible.
good job.

11: the ai turn time.
Sometimes the ai takes ages (as in a good couple of minutes per character) to finish, is this something that will be fixed?
The ai also has a bad habbit of running into walls and getting stuck or just standing still spamming ambush JUST inside the visible range of my warriors until they fail their rout roll.

12: what is up with the rng?
My characters quite often fail their rolls to climb up walls even tho they have a 90%+ to succeed, they keep missing attacks with 85%+ over and over and over and over and over again...
The enemies VERY seldom misses or fails with any rolls, I've never seen them getting debuffed by using magic either.
I realise it is all random and so on, but some things happen a little bit to often for it to just be a coincidence or at least that is how it feels to me.

sorry if the post comes across as nothing but complaints.
I really DO love the game and I am having a lot of fun.
But i also realise this is a very niche game, it does not have the same kind of "draw" that other big AAA titles do.
But for those of us that played/enjoyed most or all of the warhammer stuff this is absolute gold.
And a lot of the points I've listed here are things i know for a fact to deter people from actually playing/buying the game (as seen in comments during streams of both others and my own for example).

P.S. If any of you veterans out there have any tips or tricks/tactical advice for me that would be greatly appreciated since i seem to be struggling a bit to much.

P.P.S. sorry for any spelling errors, english is not my native language.
And thank you for reading if you made it this far.

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