Undead Warbound Question / Opinion

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Undead Warbound Question / Opinion

Postby Ebonacht » 13 September 2016, 01:10

Hello Mordheim staff (should you be reading this),

I am very much in love with the style, setting and atmosphere of the game. It is a Gothic horror rts, which appears to play very well, and appeals to my great love of the horror genre, particularly Gothic.

On that merit, I find it very odd that the Undead warband from the original tabletop game have yet to be released as DLC, and I find it even for jarring that they weren't in the default game.

My reason for feeling this is that it leaves the game as "incomplete", or rather that the game cannot be said to feel 100% Gothic with the omission of the warband. Without the Undead present in the game, the style, setting and atmosphere feel very misplaced, and that having the Undead in the game truly brings that presence.

This brings me to my question as to whether or not your development team plans to release the Undead warband as a future DLC, or are in the process of doing so? If not, please consider the option. I understand the work and time it takes for such endeavors, but I only ask because I wish to see in my opinion what would be a completion and "coming together" for game, and it's style.

If you choose to respond, I look forward to hearing from you! If not, I will watch your community feeds to see if there are any developments regardless of my request.

Keep up the good work!

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