Glitched Victory

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Glitched Victory

Postby Frankie » 09 March 2016, 21:33

I posted this on Steam a few days ago.

R.I.P. Thurl Creep, you spineless coward! ... =637272724

Here's the quick setup:

-- Brutal mission with Marked For Death sec/obj 100% completed.
-- Managed to bash the opposing Chaos WB below their rout limit. Morale check: success. Twice.
-- Mutant mows down the rat shown above.
-- This causes my WB to drop below the rout limit which they obviously fail, I'm rather mad at that point.

-- Aftermath is a VICTORY with secondary objective completed as well.

Now that doesn't make much sense. I lost that capable rat over nothing.

Suggestion: Victory can be achieved in the case the warband manages to secure the secondary objective AND they break the morale of the opposing WB at the same time.

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