Suggestion: Re use the story maps...

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Suggestion: Re use the story maps...

Postby Jace11 » 18 February 2016, 13:47

While the 4 Noble and 4 Merchant Quarter maps contain procedurally generated elements that mean they are never exactly the same, they can become repetitive after a while. As the randomly generated missions in Mordheim can be played ad infinitum, would it be possible to enhance map variety by making certain story maps (Quayside, Middle Bridge etc) available for random missions after the player has completed that part of the story. Essentially, completing a story mission would then unlock it for random missions. It would also act as an extra incentive to actually do them, I get the impression quite a few players put-off the story missions until much later, when they far outrank the opposition they would encounter to make it easier. The story maps are only played once or twice per warband campaign while the procedural maps can be played 20+ times. It seems a shame to have these extra maps used so rarely outside of skirmish mode.

These maps however would be chosen at a much lower rate than the procedural ones.

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