[Poll] How do you want your DLC delivered?

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How do you want your DLC delivered

Small packages (< 10$)
Medium packages (< 20$)
Large (> 20$)
Anything is good
Several (please specify below)
None of the above (please specify below)
Total votes: 33
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[Poll] How do you want your DLC delivered?

Postby MasterN » 07 February 2016, 08:42

Hi, how are you doing?

I had a bit of a rant going on here (viewtopic.php?f=65&t=2037&start=13) about the latest DLC.
2 new units for 2 bucks each...

The poll above can't be more specific for several reasons:
- The content of DLC can vary dramatically
- The effort required to create the content can't be precisely estimated
- The "niche" status of the game may require a recalculation of the price, as smaller sale-figures require a higher price for everybody to remain fed

Some assumptions on my side are necessary:
- sale figures: There are (atm) 75142 members in the game hub of this game. some will have already abandoned the game, while others (like me) are not in it. I will assume that the player base is around 75000

Some additional notes to clarify what I'm NOT trying to do:
- I don't haggle. All numbers are there for the sake of argument and as examples

The earlier mentioned reasons are also a critical part of the following argument.
It is a troublesome aspect (for me personally) financing yourselves by offering little for a high price. I understand your reasoning and the past development of the concept of DLC over the past decade.
My rough estimate is that it requires about one man-month to create a single character (less if several are made at once) with all modelling, texturing, animations and sounds included. Consider a third of the player base generating 1$ revenue for this character. That would be 25000$ which, at reasonable wages, is quite good. I chose this number because I instinctively feel that 1$ would be reasonable and that at least that many people would be willing to buy at that price. At current figures that would seem to represent a fair deal.
If anyone has been to Rogue Factors website, one can easily see that there's a lot of people involved (although it seems that all female members were sick at the same time, when the pictures were taken ;) ).
Ideally the game itself should generate the revenue to pay for patching, while the DLC should pay for itself. Realistically (and apparently) that isn't the case. But there is something severely fraudulent about the concealment of the implication of the recently delivered DLC. It feels exploitative on the good willed nature of (some of) the players. As such I'd like to offer an idea for a different treatment of the delivery:

2 packages as an example based on the current DLC:
Content Package: 2 characters for 2$.
Support Package: 2 characters for 8-10$.

People who just want the content will more readily buy and generate the revenue the content is worth by itself, and people like me get the opportunity to support properly and "vocally" (As you (Rogue Factor) can easily see by the sale figures where the support lies).

Other than that I think that in general people prefer larger packages. That's what the poll is about.
Have fun voting and discussing.
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Re: [Poll] How do you want your DLC delivered?

Postby Elmuerto » 07 February 2016, 11:34

I've voted for several, the reasons are the following:

When there are small dlc's i'd like them to be cheap.
What i didn't expect, and which i LOVE is that each character is on a seperate dlc.
Offcourse, its really not expensive at all, BUT this will let people decide for themselves what they want to buy and/or if they can afford it or not.

When the DLC's are bigger then i wouldnt mind paying something like 10 or 20 euro's for it depending on the amount of content (or the amount of effort needed to acomplish that).

I got to say that i don't know how much effort goes into a game, and frankly, i dont care! But what i do care about is that i tried loads of games over the last 20years or so, and i can still count the best games that will stay forever locked in my head on 1 hand.
If this game keeps progressing in a steady pace, i'm sure this gem will be one to put in the hall of fame. I've played mordheim when i was young and i'm loving this as much as i did then!
I understand people want to keep getting new stuff, but having a decent finished game is more important. If by overpricing DLC, and i'm not saying it is, they get enough money together to solve all the small bugs and improve the overall playability (eg. -50procent load time, big hurry for that !!! ), perfect!
There have been too many games that sucked because they were rushed, or died because people demanded too much in too little time and for no money.

This is and will allways be a nichgame, getting money like world of warcraft (millions of players, not to mention they pay monthly) will be impossible so pls don't ask the same amount of content.

As you can clearly see i've fallen in love with this game. I have to admit, that some issues with the AI could be fixed, and some strange bugs. But i'm sure that will all be taken care of in due time.

Loving the game and buying all content :)

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Re: [Poll] How do you want your DLC delivered?

Postby MasterN » 21 February 2016, 20:25

So as usual, my suggestions aren't new ideas...

Apparently offering some fictional value for a higher donation is at least being explored as a concept.

Why not ask Introversion Software whether this sort of concept is accepted and used by the community?

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