Future of (for) "Rogue Factor"

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Future of (for) "Rogue Factor"

Postby MasterN » 26 January 2016, 18:07

"Future Projects" are, what worry me a bit. I can fully understand the desire of the developers to see and do something else, and to have a project finished. At my end, as the gamer, it's no different. After 6 months or so I usually stop playing one game, and switch to another for a while. In that fashion I cycle through, what I think, are the best games ever made. My trouble starts here. I'll explain with a couple of examples:

Sacred 2 (2008): Sacred is a Hack'n'Slay RPG (similar to Diablo). The "2" indicates, that it's a successive series. The Developer of it (Ascaron Entertainment) sadly went bankrupt after 2 expansions (for whatever reason). The successor was (forgive me for saying that) total crap. The disappointment was tremendous... Modding the game is very difficult. There is an active community left (that I know of), but beside a couple of items and their balancing, not much can be done. The content that's there is it, permanently. After several run throughs it gets boring (mind you... that still requires several hundred hours of gameplay).
TES III Morrowind (2002): The predecessor of the predecessor of Skyrim. While having a couple of structural problems, although still being totally awesome for its time, Morrowind is a very modder friendly game. There are big and active communities around it, that continuously expand the content.

Now here's the issue: GamesWorkshop doesn't want modders. What's required for the longevity of Mordheim is a huge amount of content and variability. The longevity is required because I don't expect any successors of this game (my experience with GWs franchise management).
The players never getting bored is impossible to achieve, but having them come back after a break isn't.

I'm sure that sooner or later Rogue Factor will move on to other projects. But I sincerely hope that you won't stop expanding and enhancing the content of this game. More than anything I hope you can make a living from expanding Mordheim. In this thread(viewtopic.php?f=65&t=2037&view=viewpoll) I ask about the willingness of players to pay the devs... results so far are within expectations. I think a couple of table top players have voted as well^^

I would be very happy with one expansion (2 warbands, bit of patching up, bit of enhancig) each year. Leaves enough room for several years of development, and probably won't cause too much trouble with other projects, while keeping the ball rolling.
Would you consider this too high an expectation?

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Re: Future of (for) "Rogue Factor"

Postby Drildgen » 26 January 2016, 19:54

Hello again MasterN,

You aimed right in the bullseye with this post! As developers, we really want to keep on developing content for Mordheim, keep supporting the game, keep on fixing bugs as the game ages and gets more content. That is our wish. As of right now, no official announcement has been made but rest assured that as soon as we have something solid and ready, you guys will be the first to know! :)

Thanks again for your great feedback,
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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Re: Future of (for) "Rogue Factor"

Postby hroch » 27 January 2016, 09:26

We are hoping for fow DLCs. From py point of view most desirable are
  • Warbands
  • Maps
  • Mission types. My problem is that some missions starting to being to repetitive, I would like to see more versatility. Noone actually mentioned it but I can imagine great missions for breakthrough (similar to push the cart in TF2), capture and hold, some (un)summoning daemon missions (and daemon manipulation in general).
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Re: Future of (for) "Rogue Factor"

Postby Stercus » 29 January 2016, 18:42

You guys have built a really solid base game that needs some support for the campaign and AI.

Is there anything we (fans/players) can do to help you get more attention from Focus and GW to get more support?

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Re: Future of (for) "Rogue Factor"

Postby MasterN » 30 January 2016, 03:33


The worst job is already done... the game exists! (never would've guessed 10 years ago)
Convincing the owner of a franchise is easy: CASH!

As this is neither ubisoft nor EA nor sony, there's little backup anybody could expect except the players. You want to do something? Show your friends the awesome game you're playing (select of course those who are most likely to explore the genre).
The influx makes the work on it worthwhile, secures the income of the devs and keeps the owner happy.


I sound like some advertiser.... but honestly, I've watched too many interesting games die off because the studio went bankrupt....


Re: Future of (for) "Rogue Factor"

Postby Simcc » 11 July 2016, 05:51

I would be happy to lend some financial support if needed. This by far seems the best warhammer game I have played.

I am a huge fan of TT so naturally I love this game and it let me play and see warhammer without the need of time to make an appointment with my friends also not to mention the painting is far easier here just a click of the button hahaha.

I have well over 1k miniature of warhammer fantasy hence I don't really mind the $$ the game charge as my little guys cost me a fortune hahaha.

To keep the game alive I believe as a warhammer fan point of view is that create the option to customize colors, I paint a lot so options is what a lot of gamers like as we will be more satisfied seeing something we paint and customized. Instead of fix colors I prefer a color wheel to mix and match and set the color to all once chosen and also make all the weapons, shields, armor, helmets all customizable in colors. Prefix design must also expand just look at the little guys so much design to copy from.

Game play wise more missions and more surprises will help a lot. Don't worry about throwing in a fuck up scenarios where you get your entire warband killed, no retreat situations etc, TT fans don't really mind that except a few moments of rage as we all know its bad if luck is not on your side.

More henchmen, leaders and heroes type is appreciated as there are so many wonders in warhammer world. I know it's hard to generate anything more than 2 legs but at times horses, cannons are much fun to play with.

Scenario design also needed more options, it not just gold and warpstones that they hunt! How about those scrolls, sigmar artifacts that can have magic potent. Why there are no random mutants, ghost etc in the city? Not only demons dwell there after the comet fell. I think it's nice once your warband achieve certain ranks others will notice and send someone to hunt you.

Also make the AI more objective base. Current trend is like they see you they rush you. How about making them play your side objective like stealing your warpstones when you are aiming to get it or steal your flag or something. Never seen them doing so and your cart will never be pillaged!!!! How about setting the AI to capture your leader for chaos rituals? And if you somehow got captured he is gone for good maybe return as possessed or demons hahaha.

Skavens also need more attention in game as they needed much much warpstones for their inventions. Yes yes make them hunt for warpstones actively and they don't care any small rats dying anyway. Any chance we can get skavens weapon teams? I love those crazy inventions.

Keep up the good work

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