Too scared to cast spells

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Too scared to cast spells

Postby furryblueelf » 24 January 2016, 09:54

I am unsure if it is a sign of the hideous randomization in the game, the worst luck ever, or a sign that the Sister of Sigmar need some tweaking, but I am too scared to cast spells!

After three missions in a row where my Sigmarite Matriarch has blown off her head for trying to cast one buff (90% chance, multiple items to reduce backlash, only spell cast in the round), she is now a Stupid, Broken Jawed waste of time and space. My other casters, of which I only really have a Purifier are too scared to cast the smallest spell for fear of permanent damage.

I realize casting should have danger, and consequences, but when its one of the main strengths of your Sigmarite band, especially your Matriarch, having them take themselves out continuously gets a bit much. Apart from the morale tank you take when your leader dies, you also have the chances of injury.

Perhaps, for at least your war-band captain, they could consider no permanent damaging effects from spell failure, or perhaps a bonus to avoid miscasts.

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Re: Too scared to cast spells

Postby MasterN » 24 January 2016, 22:20

Worst luck ever.

While I've seen an opponents unit explode after casting it's 3rd or 4th spell (extremely hilarious, and triple luck for me, as the unit it was about to attack had less than 10 wound left, and its demise caused the opponent to rout), I never went as far, and the worst I've ever got were 2 debuffs.

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Re: Too scared to cast spells

Postby Beneathar » 25 January 2016, 20:44

correct me if I#m wrong, but with the latest patch spellcasting should not have huge permanent effects anymore, as the instakill can only have amnesia, near death experience or full recovery effect (correct me if i missed something) so spellcasting shouldn't criplle your warband too much anymore.

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Re: Too scared to cast spells

Postby PennaDSGN » 26 January 2016, 14:25

Very unfortunate indeed!

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