Feedback Sisters Act 2-1 and Act 2-2

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Feedback Sisters Act 2-1 and Act 2-2

Postby Urothar » 23 January 2016, 17:27

First off, I really liked both missions, they were very different from the standard play, had interesting locations and were nicely developing!

From my view they were quite easy - but I have to say I entered in normal and with at least 1.3 the point value of the mission (because I read in this forum that some story missions are very hard). Also, if healing is well used, the missions get quite easy.

One thing in Act 2-1: the respawning demon (can't remember the name) had only 1% hitting chance later and therefore was not threatening, but only annoying. I managed to hit her 2 or 3 crits during the first fight and with the respawning the open wounds quickly stacked up. Perhaps you want to limit the number of open-wound debuffs on her.

In Act 2-2 after I entered the first blood pool and took the skull (or whatever it was) the Bloodletter popped up and we went into a fight. The next to move was one of the bowmen of the roof - and I laughed hard when he shot the Bloodletter as this was unexpected help. But then one of the Possessed came out of the building, charged the Bloodletter and hit it a few times. The Bloodletter in turn did not attack my character, but hit the Possessed right back. So they did much of the work themselves...
Perhaps you want to disallow fights between the chaos enemies and the demons for this mission - I think this should be done for fluff reasons...

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