RNG (a long dead horse I'm sure)

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Re: RNG (a long dead horse I'm sure)

Postby MasterN » 08 March 2016, 17:53

As promised. the source: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=2172

If you compile it, then you can now properly prove a statistically impossible number of '1's being rolled by the RNG... one way or another.
Have fun!

IMPORTANT EDIT: I didn't mean to be sarcastic or anything... The steam community was going total apes*** over the amounts of '1's being rolled.
So far nothing unusual though... Got only 1k rolls so far anyway. Why don't you chip in with a couple of logs? here: viewtopic.php?f=65&p=12028


Re: RNG (a long dead horse I'm sure)

Postby Simcc » 11 July 2016, 05:30

Well I just got the game in last month and have clock around 200+ hrs in game. My opinion as below being a true TT fans.

1. The total randomness of the hits vs percentage is true TT style as the dice can be cruel at times. During my TT game play even the best plan got rekt because I offended the dice God.

2. The percentage you see means nothing as it gives you a higher chance but don't mean a higher luck roll so you can still roll 1s 6 in a row etc.

3. It's part of the warhammer world to have all these weird randomness like in the TT.

4. I think this game is very good and probably one of the best Warhammer games I have played so far

5. Being a warhammer fan my issue on the game is customizations as true fans will know they love to create different colors and unique color scheme for their army or warbands, can't customize human skin color? Can't customize shield colors etc is a big bummer to me. Why can't I have a golden hammer?!

6. AI clipping into many objects is also a bummer. Too many times they clip into something and end up doing nothing.

7. i like the missions but it needs more scenarios and pure randomness. Like openings a chest end up finding a demon etc it's warhammer world ffs.

8. Also I find the demons abit OP comparing their stats in TT rules as it always tricked me most probably it's my fault as I always think it's a TT world. A bloodletter can absolutely cut down 5 members including heroes! It's not greater demon you know, can't imagine if greater demon was introduce and I find them like 1k hp I will panic like fuck haha. Only my sister can confidently taking demons at the moment not any other warbands. Don't think skavens can handle them at all.

9. Where is undead vampire? That's the core warbands if mordheim

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