Could we please decide if we want to dodge?

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Could we please decide if we want to dodge?

Postby lodadilo » 18 December 2015, 01:56

Possibly i have missed something, but as it seems i just have lost my lvl10 web of steel tank to permadeath by "Draufgänger" , The skill which gives you +75% damage, but the Targets gets an automatic dodge. Is it really intended that the attacked target dodges with 15% if it has active web of steel with over 100% parry active ???? Could we at least like for counterattacks get a confirmation if we want to use the dodge? As you cannot both parry and dodge the same attack this skill would be an effective way to make parry completely useless. All other ways to break a stance are only effective at a certain percentage, and i think the free dodge is meant as a big disadvantage , after all what other skill gives you 75% extra damage.

Great game nonetheless, some aspects could get a bit of polish, but this really bothers me.

Edit: Just found the english name for the skill in wiki, its Daredevil

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Re: Could we please decide if we want to dodge?

Postby Twahn » 18 December 2015, 08:02

Does it really work that way does it? Yeah, that's not great. The free dodge is surely meant to be a negative thing, not a bonus parry breaking feature, like you say.

You don't even need a choice like counter attack though. Just make the free dodge only if you don't have an active parry already. It's very unlikely someone would choose a free dodge over their parry. They likely suck at dodging and would only choose it in very select scenarios anyway. Easier just to have a rule about it.

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