Parry/Dodge to successfull attempt instead of just attempt

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Parry/Dodge to successfull attempt instead of just attempt

Postby Blitzconfusion » 17 December 2015, 18:56

To Devs: This exact topic can be found on Steam Feedback forum. I repeated it here as different folks dwell here, so I get different feedback from my fellow players. I'm not trying to echo-chamber my voice louder.

"DISCLAIMER: I have absolutely no idea whether or not this would qualify as a major overhaul in the game system. And as this is the final build, I completely understand if it gets discarded just because it would be a big change.
And I also understand if this gets discarded by my fellow players. My experience is obviously limited to my gameplay (and some PvP) alone.

What I suggest: Dodge and Parry Stances would remain in effect until successfull Dodge/Parry, (the rest as currently is) the stance gets broken or the Character gets their next turn.
So, instead of a single attempt, the stance stays until a single successfull attempt.

The reasons that I suggest this are as follows:
1: The stances get pretty much automatically -10% to their chances by default, -20% at high Ranks, and that is if the enemy is not trying to bypass the stance actively.
That basically means that anything less than 100% starting chance is quite unreliable, and if your chances are less than 60%, you're better off using the points on something else (like Defensive Stance). Especially true for Parry and Web of Steel, as many Characters and Skills either massively reduce the chance or ignore/break it completely.

2: Defensive Stance I find to be better in almost every case than Web of Steel or Sidestep. And I don't mean that Defensive Stance is too good, I find it exactly correct in power versus requirements. Unless one got 120%+ chances, having Defensive Stance usually means about the same protection, few things nullify it completely, and unless that Stance gets broken by Stun or such, it remains until the next turn anyway. With the proposed change Web of Steel and Sidestep would at least appear to be of the same power as Defensive Stance. Especially important to Web of Steel, as they're comparable but mutually exclusive Active Skills with Weapon Skill requirement.

Mini-disclaimer: The next point could be so easily misunderstood. I like RNG. It stops repeated scenarios from becoming entirely predictable min-max slugfests. What I don't like is a single roll spelling either doom or automatic victory. For example: there was a reason why Divine retribution was changed not to allow death and similar wound-results. Before the change the players felt screwed by RNG by a single roll. Now it is still the worst of the lot, but flavorful and comparable to the other results. And the results should be different but comparable.

3: This change would file off the sharpest edge off the RNG. This works in two directions.
When I make the Dodge that I had 5-10% chance to make, I feel like a cheater, as that can in the wrong spot change the whole flow of the battle alone. With the change my enemy can at least find comfort in the fact that the Dodge could have happened at any later strike too, and now at least it is out of the way. Making a single success among many possible attempts is more acceptable than having that success among the only attempt one could have had.
The same is true in reverse when failing that 95% Parry: unless one got Stunned, the enemy has to still worry about the Parry.
Having that 50% Dodge that turns pretty much always into 30%, now one knows that statistically one is likely to Dodge one of the following 4 attacks (if Stuns and such are ignored). No telling which one though, so one's better survive the first three! The RNG is still there alive and kicking, but is less likely to decide the game in a single roll. I want to win my game by skill, not a single glorified roll of the dice.

PS. And as an extremely trivial bonus, no Player is no longer confused whether or not attacking Parrying opponent with a Character that ignores Parry eats the Parry attempt or not: No successfull Parry means the Stance remains."

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