My Pain in the arse points

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My Pain in the arse points

Postby catweaZle_uk » 14 December 2015, 12:17

First of all credit where credit is due - good game and I know it's work in progress. Also apologies for regurgitating any points that have already been made.

I have just completed the set mission ' the defiled' where you head to the cathedral to recover the sigil of sigmar. Over all enjoyable. BUT

1. For the love of all frustrations please make it easier to identify who is carrying a quest vital item. I could write it down I suppose whom is carrying the vial, but that's hardly user friendly.

2. When taking said vials to the fountain, why does a fountain have a limited fill use? It's full of bloody water and i have to fill 3 small vials?? No no far better I trudge the distance back across to the other side of the church to the other fountain which took about 4 years.

3. Having killed all the cultists I spent nearly 75 days ( I know I'm exaggerating for comedic effect) wandering aimlessly around the map looking for the last vial. For the love of frustration can we include an option to dispense with the near pointless shouting animations everytime you get a gang member to do something. That added 5 weeks alone to my game. It was not enjoyable.

4. It kept spawning reinfocements, fair enough, but they must have been finding excuses not to engage me having seen their bretheren slaughtered as despite the map saying there were at least 6 I only saw 1and he just stood there and gibbered while I hacked him to bits. the rest of them were comparing sandwichs out of sight for at least 9 turns. Hardly worth them turning up then was it.

5. oh yes back to the vials. When I'm at the fountain when I click on it - why can't it just auto bloody fill the dam thing. No no far better I have to click it from one side of the inventory to the other and then back again, thats a good idea. Pat on the back to who thought of that.

6. Can we not get a 'use previous stance order or something implemented so I don't have to reset the stance for every character every turn. And why does it always seem to default to the wrost possible choice? I have 0% parry or 50% choice. Oo oo I know i'll default to 0% parry every bloody turn because that would be useful and o boy if he;s rushing he's going to click on that by accident at least 12 times. YES mwahahahahaha. Oh and lets not forget the tedious 'shout, wave arms about animations every time I'm asked to do anything' I may have mentioned those already.

7. Seriously this mission took me about an 1.5hrs due to having to take 57 unrequired turns just to use 1 person to get back to the cart after FINALLY finding all the right bits.

8. it's no doubt a bug but I was told all downed and out players had been removed EVERY turn, despite their not being any. Cheers for that info.

9. Back to searching again. How about implementing something on the tactical map, a notepad or something that you can write whats at a corpse so you know a. you've searched it already and b. if it's carrying something useful so that for those of us with ailing memories (me) can remember whats where rather than looking at 20 different locations and wondering which I've been to and what was where. Seeing as how items are defined by number than for example more sensibly weight.

Ok so depsite my tone I do enjoy this game, no really I do, but when you like something the silly things do annoy you more so i hope you can take my moany points with the dose of tongue in cheek they are being said with. keep up the good work and let the trolls do their worst.

man love x

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