[Feedback] Warcamp and other menu

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[Feedback] Warcamp and other menu

Postby Dragzal » 09 December 2015, 10:04

Hi, i want to share my general feedback about menu and interface concerning warband management.
Ask for screen if somepoint are not clear.

Warcamp :
- Shop and and Skirmish are too close (not words, but the items linked to it).
With this large empty zone on middle of screen.
- Veteran sytem on first plan and Campaign on background.
I prefer have main feature (Managment and Campaign for me) on first plan and less important in the background.

Shop :
- Can you split Buy and Sell ?
Buy on left of screen with two main tab (all item / news arrivals) and Sell on right for exemple.

Warband managment :
- Add veteran system on this screen. Above warband maybe.
We don't go often enough on this menu to justify one more trigger each day (gamepad player).
- Put icon leader on right of Hero. Or the model leader at left of Hero.
Just want same order between model and icon.
- Quick stats : why Moral impact and Moral are not on the last column ?
- Resistance : why no 3 rows for show all resistances ?
- Show us a tooltip/reminder on mousse-over stats, resistances, weapons and skills can be really helpful.

Sub-menu when you select an unit :
- Can you split resistance ?
"Save resistance" : Poison, Magical, Stun, Wyrdstone, Trap, All Alone, Fear, Terror
"Reduce resistance" : Melee, Ranged, Critical hit
- In inventory > Enchanting, why show all mark and not only unlocked ?
Take time to load for Nothing. If you don't change this, a clear limit between unlocked and locked would be nice.
- In inventory > inventory : can we get quick sort by item quality ? I want find easier my best item.

Reserve system :
Not friendly user.

Campaign :
- Little up and rotate of map would be appreciate. "The haunter of the darkness" is hidden by mission description. In particular when i play at night with low ligh.
- Add skimirsh fag instead of wyrstone.
Then we can go on Skirmish menu and maybe delete the direct access with trigger (yes gamepad again). But for this point i'm not sure at all. Don't use enough skirmish for the moment (want finish campaign first).

Next day :
- Add next day screen.
Because it's boring to go back to warcamp when you miss-trigger or miss clic for campaign

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