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Combat Log

Postby Dragzal » 09 December 2015, 08:42

I'm not sure for English name, but i think all people who press "L" button ingame (or "right" for gamepad) will understand.

The feature is a good tactical help or just for understand what happen sometimes. But it is so painful to find an information if it is not the last action.
Can we have an improvment for clarity ?
My suggest is to just add some color :
> Color in blue the actions carried out by our units.
> Color in red the actions carried out by enemy units.
> Color in green the actions carried out and suffered by our active units.
> Color in orange the actions carried out and suffered by our focus.

Used two shades of color can help when a lot of the same player units act following. Light blue for our first unit, dark blue for the second, light blue the tird...
Please say if i'm not clear, i now my English is bad.

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Re: Combat Log

Postby Drildgen » 09 December 2015, 14:52

Greetings Dragzal,

Thanks for bringing this up, it's actually quite interesting! I have passed along your idea to the development team to see if it's a possible quality of life improvement that we can sneak in our already super tight schedule.

Lets cross our fingers! :)

Best regards,
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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Re: Combat Log

Postby Xeo » 09 December 2015, 14:57

Good idea and nice response.

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