Money back, shit game

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Money back, shit game

Postby dogfender » 07 December 2015, 02:14

So as we all know there is a plethora of problems with this game. Ranging from the scale creep on creating new warbands (things for some reason just progressively get tougher earlier on...), graphical pink glitch since the patch, and of course spawning in positions that get you stuck.

I have had so many problems with this game, I will no longer be playing it. I want my money back. This game has been nothing but a time sink, not because I am 'bad', but constantly failing because of random development oversights/ problems. This also includes weird NPC behavior, like why did a empire HQ get 5 attacks with a greathammer one round, then the next the npc only got two...

Anyways, I want my money back, and steam should be ashamed for allowing a company to release such a botched abortion.

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Re: Money back, shit game

Postby Twahn » 07 December 2015, 07:05


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Re: Money back, shit game

Postby hroch » 07 December 2015, 13:36

Stop whining. What you did to improve the game? Have you raised any bug or suggestion? No. You just came here blaming everyone except yourself.

I am pain in the ass. I guess that I am causing Drildgen daily headaches. But it is simply because I believe that there are plenty space for improvement. Yes, the game is not perfect. But i found it very entertaining, and what is most important - i can see great potential which has not been discovered yet.
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Re: Money back, shit game

Postby prag » 07 December 2015, 14:35

You realize Steam does offer refunds right? Or was the game good enough that you're past the time played limit?

I realize this game isn't for everyone but you are crazy if you think this is "a botched abortion" - your first paragraph complaining about the difficulty says all that people who are good at this game need to know about where you're coming from. Just admit that you can't handle the challenge and move on to a game that has an easy mode so you can feel better about yourself.

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Re: Money back, shit game

Postby Twahn » 07 December 2015, 23:25

It's good enough that he's played 117 hours of it...

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Re: Money back, shit game

Postby Drildgen » 08 December 2015, 16:51

Locking this topic as this has gone way far beyond anything that could represent a constructive criticism and/or helpful feedback.
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