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[Feedback] on the Release Version

Postby Urothar » 02 December 2015, 17:25

At first, I want to mention that I agree to Evan_'s list posted a few days ago and also support the inquiry to lower some times with animations during the game by damien.

Here is my feedback to the current version:

Characters need to be able to drop items
First, I again want to mention this again as I think that it is absolutely mandatory that characters can drop items they have to be able to take something more useful or with higher value (especially mission items; nothing is worse than not being able to take a mission item in a story mission because the inventory is full...).

Some ideas on the interface:
- Please make it possible that a general setup can be arranged by every player, where certain lists are always in the same spot when starting a new mission. E.g., I would like to have buffs and debuffs both shown at the same time and it would be great if I do not have to set up everything again every single mission.
- Make the font size of the lists changeable
- For buff/debuff list make it possible that only the name is shown, as after some time many players will know what the effects are
- Perhaps you can think of a good way to display multiple identical effects (sometimes with differing durations) in a smaller way than just listing them multiple times
- Can you make the combat log accessible so that players can scroll back in the list?
- I would like to see healing effects (perhaps with green numbers) on my and opposing players

Character deployment
Ideally this would be possible on the map; also the toggling through the different deployment places should go through the list in a certain order – often it is jumping over the map to different points

Poultrice after missions
I sometimes wanted to do something before the enemy team routed; mostly it was using Poultrice on a character with an open wound. Perhaps when the mission ends the player could choose to use Poultrice on characters. Maybe you can think of other things that players would like to do then...

AI and AI team equipment
I want to admit that in the early access phase I was one of the guys that wanted an easier game; although through the discussion in the forum I found out that it was more the randomness in many things that I did not like and the team has done a lot to go around that. Now I think the game is very easy (once you have a team running, the start phase is still hard and I tried 3 times to start a chaos warband – every single one I deleted after max. 2 missions). With my sisters team I now do brutal (random) missions without a single scar and also returned from a deadly mission without any of my character OOA or even critically wounded.
Issues that I see that make the game easy:
- I have not often seen the enemy impressive (except sisters); the big guys seem to get stuck somewhere and stop moving then
- Use of all OP usually; I was in a close fight with a Possessed that only attacked twice and had 4 OP left over every single turn. In some situations this may be beneficial, but this is optimization that players will do and should not come from the AI
- Use more long-range fighters in teams; I almost only encounter teams with only close-combat fighters. Chaos and Mercs usually only have one character that shoots at me (and then shoots my Sister's Imp with 200 ranged resistance...). This could be more and would make it more interesting to fight them. Also, bowmen should not run to a place 5m in front of my leader, shoot once and stay there...
- The equipment of enemy teams is often lousy; in a brutal mission a Mercs Youngblood attacked me with a dagger (second hand empty). During early access there was already the suggestion to ask players to make warband suggestions; perhaps you can go back to that and do that now so that highly randomized AI warbands are not encountered

Possible Mods
I do not know if you plan on having others designing mods for Mordheim. Here at least are two suggestions for this:
- “Send scouts” now is just a button to click to find a new possible mission; but maybe a game-in-the-game could be created here where a single scout is controlled by the player. The scout should then have the mission objective to explore the area and avoid being spotted.
- I would also like to see a new skirmish mission type: “Demonhunt”. Two warbands start a mission as normal, but victory points are scored for killing demons, assisting the kill and taking the demon's token. The skirmish mission could either be that the warbands also fight each other or not (but this could just be an option that the players discuss – and the peace between the warbands will last until one of the players....) Of course, a few demons would be needed on the map... In general, I think that the effort for this kind of mission would not be very high and I would love to go through Mordheim with a friend's team to hunt demons...

Possibility to take new skills/spells
Last issue from my side for now: Make it possible that characters can change their skills/spells. I will try some reasoning to support my inquiry:
- If you want the game to be a tournament game, than this needs to be possible, so that players can adjust their teams over time.
- When you change game mechanics or single spells/skills people will want to alter their skills to reflect this. I am pretty sure that at some point the balancing will be changed, at least when new warbands come out.
Actually, personally I will not play tournaments and perhaps do not alter my skills anyway. But I think that many players will want this feature and at some point I am sure that you will enable this anyway – so you could save everyone from a lot of discussion on the topic if you enable this rather quickly.

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