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Re: General feedback

Postby Astralwyrm » 04 January 2016, 22:32

I think some alternative solutions could be:

1. Don't reset our deployment position each time we set a unit, really is a pain to cycle through back to the position we were at again and again. Have it so when you deploy a unit you are moved to the next position.
2. Allow us to cycle through our units. (Not sure this would work though)
3. Create shortcuts to different sections of the map, particularly the maps with 30-40 or more deployment places. You could section off deployment places by buildings or proximity, east/west/etc. It would be helpful to be able to skip to the general area you want to deploy rather than cycle through dozens of places looking for that one place, i even get lost sometimes.

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Re: General feedback

Postby Twahn » 05 January 2016, 02:53

I like the first one a lot. I obviously don't have intimate knowledge of the code but this seems like it would be a relatively easy compromise QOL improvement.


Re: General feedback

Postby mtrout » 07 January 2016, 08:09

The frequency in which 85-95% attacks miss I feel is broken. I understand a slim chance of failure but it seems heavy in the poor luck / weighted die department.

Also the amount of explanation going into the special quest in the campaign can use work.

**Why is it that I can't drop crap equipment or swap it for it wyrdstone, black powder ect. This breaks the game. I loot one enemy and can't pick up quest related items. That does not seem right at all. Until that is fixed I won't be playing.**

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Re: General feedback

Postby Drildgen » 07 January 2016, 14:39

Greetings mtrout,

I can confirm with you that you CAN swap items when you are looting a unit that has been put Out of Action. You can also swap items when you are looting a Search Point (Chest or Corpse). Inventory slots are also part of the strategy. Some units can handle more loot than others, but inventory space sure comes in limited quantity. Plan accordingly! ;)
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: General feedback

Postby mtrout22 » 08 January 2016, 06:47

My complaint was that QUEST items can't be picked up or swapped in.
why would anyone other than a raccoon not drop one shinny thing for something more important.
If the characters survival is based on getting black powder... his orders are to do so... but I have this spare dagger... I'll keep the dagger and get swarmed by rats.
I can understand forced to hold a cursed item... but a worthless trinket? When the tap of a button picks up all items without a confirmation prompt. Which you use for every other action in the game. From combat to backstory or name... but not filling my inventory with trophies that do nothing during most missions.
That is not a feature anyone can explain being a part of game play. It is an oversight. The option to swap is present but nothing in the only instance that matters.

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