Flee direction

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Flee direction

Postby hroch » 27 November 2015, 11:33

I started game scattered across the map. One of my marksman was indoors looking from window.. Skaven opponent had higher initiative, so he was able instantly attacked my marksman.

In my turn i decided to flee. I waned to regroup with my mates. Flee check was successful, and marksman was running away. Directly into the wall. After a while, my marksman stopped - still in the close combat range.
User should be able to pick flee direction to prevent situation like this or even running into even stronger foe. Fleeing scared person is not THAT retarded. He want to just save his life. If I would be able to pick direction, situation may end like this:
Then I could use remaining points to escape or try to (desperately) shoot attacker.
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