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Loot Objection

Postby Blitzconfusion » 26 November 2015, 14:18

- The Mission Rewards percentage automatically gathered after battle will now be based on your Warriors that are not Out of Action at the end of the fight. The changes will go as follow:
--- Normal: 4% per warrior alive
--- Hard: 5% per warrior alive
--- Brutal: 6% per warrior alive
--- Deadly: 7% per warrior alive


I object. This would make early game in low ranks unbearable. This would mean that with all the five warriors I'm allowed i'd get 35% loot max with won Deadly with no casualties. Does not sound good!
I'd rather have the percentage be 30%/40%/60%/80%, and then compare the amount of warriors standing to how many I could have had (based on rank), then multiply the result with the percentage.
normal mission with 5 out of 5 possible warriors left standing (the typical start):
30% * 5/5=30% loot
Deadly mission with 4/11 warriors standing (a massacre or trying to milk the system):
80% * 4/11=about 28% loot.
(Impressive counts as two warriors, obviously. Most of them being unable to pick up stuff is already punishing enough)
As can be seen 4-manning Deadly at high ranks yields worse results than full-manning Normal at the minimum rank. That sounds fitting to me!

Now one won't take 4 warriors at high ranks, because even without fallen warriors they'd get just above 1/3 of the loot they would have got with full roster.
The percentages are a bit more forgiving as the number dwindles with fallen and not taken members. Sounded fair to me.

Edit: Well now you did it.
EDIT: further example: I have 6 members max limit in my Warband (Rank 1:ish?), I perform Deadly Mission, and two of them fall. I get 4/6 * 80% = 53% Loot.
That sounds like what I should get from risking a Deadly Mission! And if I managed a victory on Deadly without losses, I'd consider the 80% loot mine by damn right!

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