Game concept-> Failed...

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Game concept-> Failed...

Postby gigigrunge81 » 23 November 2015, 23:22

I agree with the people that says that the hit and dodge rate against IA is really made in a bad way.

But i think that the game concept is really bad because if you want to train a warband in a good way you need to earn a lot of money.
The only to ways to earn money are objects sold in the market and warpstone traded in the trading market (don't know how it is named in english, i play in italian).
If you play the matches try to kill the opponent (solving the problems about hit and dodge rate, the lonely test and the break test), you won't earn objects or warpstone in the map.
If you play smart trying to find all the warpstone and objects to sell, the opponent doesn't care about them and kills you.

So, how can i pay for training, healing or maintain the warriors? Why if i win the scenario i won't earn all the warpstone (at least) in the map? When a company of warriors kills the opponents they have all the time they need to search in a territory to earn money, it's easy to undestand...

This game system doesn't work.

Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian but i think that the stuff i said was understandable...

My 2 cents...

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Re: Game concept-> Failed...

Postby seawolfben » 23 November 2015, 23:27

It is rather vexing that the ai doesnt care about stone. Not only does it frustrate your own searches it prevents you from using a tight cluster of stones as a stage for a trap!

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Re: Game concept-> Failed...

Postby thomas aagaard » 24 November 2015, 08:35

1. The AI do care about the stones.
2. Use a runner or two that is fast and only focus on picking up stones.
Thomas Aagaard
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Re: Game concept-> Failed...

Postby JimboDeany » 24 November 2015, 16:21

What Thomas said.

I regularly divert two henchmen away from the fight to gather stones.

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Re: Game concept-> Failed...

Postby Jisur » 24 November 2015, 20:25

I find the hardest part of the mission is to decide how greedy you want to play. I mean facing a warband head to head with out thinking of anything else is most likely guaranteed win every time.

So it comes down how greedy you play. Are you going to try for secondary or only hoarding as many clusters before the game ends. You have to decide how many, if any, you can spare to run away after that green goodness that is money. Plan your turns, eg. when you kill an enemy that breaks the warbands rout line. You have 3 warriors in line before the opponent has to take a rout test. I chance on that they are gona break and devote my 3 warriors in scavenging. If they break I get few extra wyrsdstone/loot. However if they do not break, and that has happen quite a few time, you are left in a bit awkward position that has led to few unnecessary out of action on my part.

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Re: Game concept-> Failed...

Postby Twahn » 25 November 2015, 03:51

My merc warband has played close to 50 missions now and never lost one. They have plenty of gold and generally complete the secondaries about half the time.
Having it so that you got all the loot on the map by winning would be stupid. What's the point of having loot on the map at all in that case?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's not the game system that's failing here.

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