Hero-slot sideways re-organizing denied

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Hero-slot sideways re-organizing denied

Postby Blitzconfusion » 20 November 2015, 18:05

I have as active Heroes an Augur and 2 Sister Superiors (in this order, this is important).
I have all my Reserve-slots filled with Learning or Injured Characters. All the relevant ones are either Sister Superiors or back-up Novices for my five identical Henchwomen.

I try to make room for Maiden of Sigmar (left slot filled with Sister Superior).
Plan: Change spots with Augur and bothersome Sister Superior, and Fire the Augur.

The problem: I try to change the Characters. Sister Superior can't replace the Augur, as there is already two Sister Superiors on Warband, one of which is the Character trying to change place. Reserve Sister Superiors won't work for the same reason.
Okay, I think, time for plan b: I fire the Augur.
Now, I still can't get the Sister Superior to, now, empty slot, as there is already 2 Sister Superiors, one of which is the Character trying to change place.
I also can get a Novice as momentary Hero from neither Henchman- nor Reserve-slots, because there is already five Novices in active Warband.
Reminder: I now have both the leftmost and rightmost Hero-slots unoccupied, but no way to move the Characters around to get the Impressive unlocked.

Unsatisfactory conclusion: I had to Fire an entirely capable Reserve Sister Superior in order to get the occupying Sister Superior off the Impressive left-slot.

Suggestion: Character itself upon attempt of relocation should no longer count as an active Warband Member, getting a momentary counts-as-Reserve status.

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Re: Hero-slot sideways re-organizing denied

Postby Drildgen » 20 November 2015, 21:13

Greetings Blitzconfusion,

Thank you very much for your feedback. I have forwarded the information to our development team and they will take a look into it.
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!


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