Some general feedback

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Some general feedback

Postby Jamoid » 10 December 2016, 12:29

Enjoying the game a lot, so thought I'd leave some constructive criticism. The game has a lot of potential, but there are some niggling things that I believe are preventing the game from truly shining (and reaching "very positive" on Steam):

- The game features customisation but no randomisation - small issue, but details matter
- Should default to selected unit's highest avoidance stance
- Deployment UI is incredibly clunky, especially when in a large cluster
- Turn order UI is needlessly confusing - instead of showing full turn orders, it only shows selected unit and those after it
- Could definitely do with more map variety - I have no idea how many different layouts there are, because they all feel the same
- Difficulty curve is a little off - game gets significantly easier as you gain levels, due to AI not using effective builds
- Early game balance is off - Skaven incredibly easy, while Chaos is very difficult (even without considering mutations)
- Oddly the game doesn't seem to have a true full-screen option
- Ambush mechanic often does not work, especially in cramped areas (which is a large part of the game)
- Friendly units can very easily block eachother - this may be a tabletop thing, I wouldn't know
- Crushing victories should allow you to finish your turn, letting you loot possible quest items from units you just killed
- Swift Charge animation is awkward - the graphical effect starts and ends abruptly, which is jarring
- Skaven voice could really benefit from some sort of effect over it - just sounds like a dude from south-west England talking oddly

I realise that I'm late to the party and that some of these could be by design or due to tabletop quirks, but thought I may as well list them all. Will add anything else I think of as I enjoy the game more!

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Re: Some general feedback

Postby LordRickardTheFallen » 12 February 2017, 23:14

'Crushing victories should allow you to finish your turn, letting you loot possible quest items from units you just killed'
Yeah, you said it, when you see all the stuff there, but you cannot take it.
Its also really frustating when your (marked for death missions) first objective killed and looted, and just when you kill the second, the enemy fails and you don't get the bonus even killing both objectives.

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