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[Feedback] Notebook Overlay

Postby MuttMeat » 26 December 2016, 22:33

To the lovely people of the development team,

I've recently purchased your game and have loved it during my short playthrough so far. While playing through the first Skaven story arc, I couldn't help but notice that I was losing track of the items my characters were carrying rather quickly. The radial menu doesn't show the items carried around by said character. This can only be found in the looting menu as of current.

I believe it might be a nice little addon to give people a notebook overlay (a small portion of overlay where people can write things down) much the same way the rest of the menus are being called out and tugged away. Either that or perhaps a small expansion on the radial (spacebar) menu that's currently part of our toolset.

Thank you for reading this!

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