Power Saver issues

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Power Saver issues

Postby Evesor » 27 March 2017, 01:36


I am experiencing a very annoying bug on my Alienware laptop:
M17 R4
Windows 10
Nvidia GTX 675M
All drivers up to date.

When the power cable comes out of my laptop when running mordhiem my FPS goes through the floor and the game is unplayable slow.
When I plug the cable back in the game is still slow, if I exit the game my laptop is still slow when using other programs (even struggling with multiple chrome tabs).
This is persistent through system reboots!!!
When I run sfc through command prompt that seems to set the laptop back to normal (I cant tell you how pissed I was until i figured that one out!).
When I look in the log files there are errors relating to multiple references within the windows registries.
I have not seen any other bug reports on steam saying similar so it may be a little bit unique but if you guys are not handling windows registry files properly that is cause for serious concern for all of your customers.
Please look into this issue, it is dangerous and incredibly frustrating (you cannot save so every-time i pull the laptop cable i have to retreat from a battle).

Happy to provide windows log files if requested

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