Xbox One multiplayer desynchronization

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Xbox One multiplayer desynchronization

Postby Nath3t » 27 February 2017, 12:19

I'll start by saying this is the most fun I had in a multiplayer game probably ever. I started to play Mordheim with a friend after playing a lot of Blood Bowl II and wanting to try something slightly different. It's been a weekend and we're having a blast.

One bug though makes the experience very, very frustrating.

Twice now - out of the maybe 10 games we played - some kind of desynchronization happens and we are both stuck "wainting for the opponent". Eventually, one of us has to restart the game or disconnect. This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't mean that the warband then experiences a crushing defeat, which means potential bad injuries on key players, loss of equipment and wyrdstones gathered etc. To the point where the survival of the warband is at stake. I don't mind my captain losing an arm after a defeat, that's part of what makes this game so fun, but getting punished for a bug you have no control over is unnerving to say the least.

To the technicalites, now. On the last game when this happened, I think the desynchronization happened before we couldn't even play anymore. One of my marksmen took an overwatch shot, on my side it said it failed but my friend henchman was indeed hit and took some damage (which I didn't see). Still, we were able to play with a few more people until the "waiting for opponent" bug happened. We weren't completely disconnected, we were able to communicate through the game chat and we both received messages send. The game didn't freeze either, I was able to switch the view from character to character, look at the map, set light spot etc. But when my captain turned came, nothing happened. And no amount of waiting, changing the settings or anything fixed the issue.

Again, that would be fine if the consequences weren't so terrible for the team whose player has then to disconnect and get badly punished. I don't know how hard that bug is to fix, but maybe one solution would be to add an option for the players to decide to abort the game with minor consequence for both teams (the "non disconnected player" could make that choice and decide for a draw instead of a win). I get that the idea is to discourage rage quitters, but the game should take into consideration this kind of problem. There's not even any existing league so I don't see how it would affect the fairness of the game.

Another option would be to set a timer when one player disconnect. He has 3 or 5 minutes to reconnect and let the game resynchronize until he is declared the loser. It's what Blood Bowl II is doing (although to be faire we have had the same problem, a time appears but the disconnected player is unable to reconnect to an on-going game after restarting the game due to a random crash).

Some info that might help : we were connected from two different home, I through cable and my friends through wifi (I think). We were talking at the same time via Facebook chat using wifi. Could it be a bandwidth problem? If so, what can we do to help the game resynchronize?

Anyway, thanks for an awesome game, I hope you'll be able to fix that problem somehow. It's the only real issue of that game (well, I think a rework on the tutorial would also make the game more accessible to new players and therefore as popular as BB II is, but that's another topic entirely).

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