Desync in pvp

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Desync in pvp

Postby SgtZdog » 15 February 2017, 00:43

A couple of my friends picked up this game lately so I've been getting to play some pvp finally and at least a third of our matches get desynced. Most often desync seems to occur from counterattacks, but we've had it where each computer thinks it's a different character's turn. And the locations of characters can get desynced preventing them from being locked into a melee. At one point this allowed me to free attack a character that failed all alone and was running before he promptly resumed his regular turn like nothing had happened and smacked and killed one of my guys and then walked away from the other like never engaged. This is a great game where other bugs are kind of quirky but workable, this steady desync though is killer to me. I'm super excited for Necromunda (honestly was hoping Necromunda would be what you guys did when Mordheim was announced, but have enjoyed this since beta), but can we get some fixes to the desync on this first?

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