A whole list of bugs and problems

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A whole list of bugs and problems

Postby MrPenfold666 » 25 January 2017, 11:37

I'm playing on ps4 and I'm starting to really hate this game because the core of it is so badly done I'm going to list all the problems I have that are infuriating me the most:

All alone checks, this is bugged up to hell, I keep having people fail all alone checks when I'm either not all alone or I'll fail when the two enemies are stunned and all of a sudden I can't do anything?

Oh and so far in my 30 hours of having to start new warbands again and again skaven have failed maybe 2 all alone checks, one of their basic dudes passed a check when it was 4 vs 1, these are skaven they are supposed to be cowardly but have lots of numbers and most of my guys fail all alone checks and sisters of sigmarines and cult of the possessed have never once failed

And why must all alone checks be made regardless of who's near you? My leader failed his all alone checks when fighting two basic henchmen despite the fact that there were two archers behind him turning the enemy into pin cushions.

Next point, disengage. Why is it rarely an option to disengage from an enemy? I'll have my archers get charged in a wide open area only for them to absolutely refuse to disengage from the enemy that they have no chance of beating?

Broken missions: the river rats mission for reikland is impossible as 3/10 barrels I need never spawn and this is a well known bug on other forums, this needs fixing immediately.

Rout tests, why do you always fail rout tests despite the fact that I'm only a turn away from winning? I'll be in a big fight against say witch hunters, with 4 of their dudes a hit away from death when they get a lucky crit and boom I lose, an hour of gameplay wasted? You should factor in the HP% remaining of your warband.

Also why do rout checks happen at the beginning of the next persons initiative step and not say at the start of the round? (you know like the table top game it's based on?) every marked for death I win I cannot complete the optional objectives because the enemy routs before my dudes can clean up.

also why does EVERYONE have to be paid regardless of victory or defeat? Yes you have to pay some upkeep before every mission but not everyone has an upkeep in the real game so it's easier to manage money, I'm always losing all my gold for injuries and upkeep while playing missions that are beneath my warband that I have to start all over again it's bull shit (excuse the swearing but this game really annoys me)


Re: A whole list of bugs and problems

Postby SgtZdog » 15 February 2017, 00:32

I play PC, but all alone checks happen any time a character is engaged in melee with at least two enemies and no friendly is also engaged. So it could be 2v5 and there's no all alone, but 1v2 with two allied archers nearby still produces an all alone check. There are no modifiers to this check, it's just a roll against the character's all alone resist which is affected by leadership and any enchanted gear.

Disengage (and flee) can only be done when the path directly away from the enemy is clear, so if he has you backed against a wall or fence you cannot disengage, even if your sides are clear and you could normally walk to the side.

Rout tests can only be passed by leaders and heroes. If a warband is down to only henchmen it will automatically fail rout tests. Completing secondaries is a challenge and you have to be careful not to kill off too many enemies before completing it. It's why I personally find the steal the idol secondary quite annoying.

Everyone has to have their medical bills and salary paid, though you do not need to pay them immediately. There are consequences to not paying immediately however. Worth noting that losses have smaller payments for your characters. Looting the area to the best of your ability should allow you to sufficiently pay the bills. Don't train skills until you really have the gold to spend. Don't buy equipment you can't really afford. Picking up weapons of fallen foes is a great way to make money and wyrdstone should always be grabbed if it's a shard or cluster. Once you get past about rating 1000 day to day maintenance is pretty easy to afford.

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