Stupid bug in story mercenaires mission acte II-II

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Stupid bug in story mercenaires mission acte II-II

Postby Zagreb887 » 18 January 2017, 14:25

Hi everyone,

I'm here to speak about a bug on the mercenaires story mission act II-II, with the ritual of Merga, who has very frustrating consequences...
I tried to open a cage with my champion,by mistake i didn't see it was still open, and the action was blocked on this action, i cant finish the turn. So i decided to save and leave, i think it can fix the problem, obviously no... I try to relaod the save, and the game freeze at 98% of loading. Very nice... so i was forced to deafet, my chief loose his purple armour, my champion (who has no injury) loose his arm, i losse one other warrior and a lot of stuff.
I'm used to the unfair tendance of this game, but for this... Loosing everything beacause of the most STUPID bug, please fix this quickly, it's relay frustrating to have a lvl 10 band destroy just for this kind of crap.


Re: Stupid bug in story mercenaires mission acte II-II

Postby Flambeau » 11 February 2017, 21:48

Got exactly the same problem. Save & reload doesn't solve it, reload stops at 98%. I can only abandon the mission. My lvl. 10 shooter got killed and some other party members got nasty permanent injuries as a result. Very annoying.

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