Sound missing

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Sound missing

Postby Gozer » 31 December 2016, 19:45

Recently, I noticed a slight lag whenever the first critical hit was landed, but which stopped for subsequent critical hits. So, I enabled -fullLog and then checked the output_log.txt. There was a message that read: [WARNING] SOUND Sound missing : attack_hit_(atk_proj) for Object: NULL. I was thinking it might have something to do with playing a sound when it happened since that's where the lag seemed to occur. It seems kind of strange that is is looking for a projectile attack sound on melee critical hits (if that is what the proj stands for). I tried reinstalling the game to see if that replaced the missing sound but that did not work. Has anybody else ever had a similar problem, and does anybody know if there a way to repair this?


Re: Sound missing

Postby Guest » 31 December 2016, 20:26

I noticed this message a few times in the log, not just after the critical, so maybe that isn't what is causing the slight lag, my bad.

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