Ps4 witch hunter esthetic bug

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Ps4 witch hunter esthetic bug

Postby Onclebem » 28 December 2016, 18:07

The issue concerned the texture of the glove of all witch hunters on ps4
When you swap color the hand does not change color as the rest of the glove, leading to some weird beige hand on black wrist
and vice versa.
The bug manifest itself after I install the last dlc (Undead), I try to reinstall all of the game same trouble happen.

Great game, hope to see this issue resolve.


Re: Ps4 witch hunter esthetic bug

Postby Onclebem » 31 January 2017, 18:35

Also, the dual pistol texture look kind weird (all silverish) it apply only for the witch hunter (the pistol are just all silver instead of having wood texture at the grip)

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