strategic view problem multiplayer

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strategic view problem multiplayer

Postby Boczek » 27 December 2016, 10:52

Me and a group of friends are playing a multiplayer campain in Mordheim and we encounered a serious problem. In the strategic view when you see an enemy you can highlight his stats, hp, bufs etc... When you dont se an enemy you only have a marker with a question mark on the location when he was last seen. So to main problem is when you hover with the cursor on the strategic view you can find hidden enemies because the hp bar, stats info will apear, so if you have enough time you can slowly scan the map on the strategic view to find your hidden enemies. Can someone form the development team check it? its spoiling the fun, you dont always play with friends that you can trust that they wont exploit it.
here is a link to a game where the problem is shown (time about 21:30 >):

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