Skaven Campaign; Game partially freezes

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Skaven Campaign; Game partially freezes

Postby Kain356 » 26 December 2016, 04:39

What usually happens is, I finish all my turns with my Warband (I usually have highest initiative on most of my Warband) then when it switches to the AI's turn it goes perfectly without any problems. I can't see any of the enemy Warband then one member of the enemy Warband shows up then they move and stop. That's when the game messes up.

The enemy character stops moving but the musics still going, I can pause, the map itself doesn't freeze. Just that one enemy character frozen and it says "Waiting for Opponent" I left it for 15 minutes (everytime) and I saw no change.

I have the speed up AI turn option on. I am playing the Skaven campaign. It happens regardless of who fighting, what map I'm fighting on and it happens on most missions. Every second one usually.

I've restarted my Ps4 with the restart option. I've turned it off and on again. I've saved and quit the mission and went back and it just comes back right where it left off moving to the AI's turn and it happens again.

Is anyone having the same problem or does anyone have a way to fix it?


Re: Skaven Campaign; Game partially freezes

Postby Kain356 » 26 December 2016, 04:41

Just in case anyone suggests this I have also tried turning off the speed up AI turns option aswell.

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