Ai shooting itself

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Ai shooting itself

Postby Commissar1 » 01 December 2016, 20:07

I was playing the Alluress mission as skaven last night. The Enshin sorceror under her control kept trying to shoot her when she was at low health. I thought this could be very clever AI trying to rebirth the Alluress before I collected the tainted wyrdstone. But then it happened while playing as my level 1 chaos band, where the AI marksman shot his own youngblood, knocking him out. Is it possible that the AI is now treating ranged attacks as if they are buff spells?

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Re: Ai shooting itself

Postby Theblx » 30 December 2016, 03:07

I have seen this a few times as well, more in situations where i am too far away so the ai shoots its self with aoe. the buff spell idea makes more sense..


Re: Ai shooting itself

Postby Commissar13 » 19 February 2017, 23:23

So I have another example. The AI ran its Marksman across the map to shoot the Captain in the back, triggering a rout... How can I be the only person talking about this on the bug forum?

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