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Freeze in middle of game Console around band level 6/7

Posted: 01 December 2016, 14:27
by Mc1gamer
I'm having consistent issues with Mordheim on the Xbox One. I LOVE the game, but this has happened twice now. My warband gets to 6/7th level, 9 or 10 strong, and suddenly on in the middle of a game the AI turn takes longer to think, then at some point there is a freeze and the sound fix's on one syllable. It then crashes to the Xbox One home screen. I've gone back in several times and it will do it again. The only option is to bail on the mission in which case half the warband is messed up, some perma dead, and that is not acceptable as a solution. This has happened with two different warbands at about the same time in progression. Its not happening with any other games and its not a load issue, this was in the middle of the game. I can't tell if its an audio issue, but there is a definite audio burst before the freeze.

When I try to return to the game, it loads fine, starts going through the turns, but then the freeze happens as soon as there is an AI turn, same thing. I'm stuck and can't proceed unless I withdraw from the mission on the load. So there goes dozens of hours of gaming. Help plz. I'd love to get the Undead warband but I won't sink another dime into this game if its unplayable at the same juncture.

Re: Freeze in middle of game Console around band level 6/7

Posted: 20 March 2017, 04:56
by Redbeard nj
This is also happening to me on xbox one. Game freezes with loud noise. I have 500+ hours on this game. I absolutely love this game! Out of about the 10 times my game has froze, twice it was unplayable and forced to abandon battle. The other 8 times I got lucky after power cycling, then reloading the game continued fine.

Now I have tried ever possible way imaginable to get my game working on those two freezes. Spent hours....reinstalling game and profile. Clearing ever cache you can, messing with every combination in the games options hoping it would stop the "hang up". I can usually figure out some solution. I am forced to go offline and abandon battle/delete offline save and load from cloud until im happy with injury results.
Theres no way of being able to back up saves on xbox one, its horrible. If I could just back up my save on usb id be happy.

Any other game I would move on and say screw it but damn I love this game with passion. After sinkng in hundreds of hours and hearing that loud noise when it freezes is just a horrible feeling.

Really hope u guys can fix this...

Re: Freeze in middle of game Console around band level 6/7

Posted: 03 June 2017, 00:47
by shazbotian
This has also happened to me twice on XBox One. Had my warband in such perfect condition this time; rank 7 sisters of sigmar; now whenever i load the save it says "a new round has begun" goes to my first character, and locks up with a horrible noise, eventually crashing out of the game.

Its so demoralizing. I had such great hopes for this warband, and now i have to forcibly abandon the battle, which is going to f' all these awesome warriors. So depressing. :(

Re: Freeze in middle of game Console around band level 6/7

Posted: 05 June 2017, 15:31
by shazbotian
Ok so hit this a few more times. I got a screenshot of one of the lockups: ... ot/6580920

Although I know this is probably not particularly helpful. :-/

I can also now speculate: I feel like this is probably caused by enemy ranged warriors getting into buildings when I can't see them. It seems to me like every time it has occurred there was a ranged character somewhere on the map that I could not see.

Hope this helps. I will try to get more screenshots when it happens again.

Also, I tried fully rebooting the console twice and it did not work for me either time.