Cant load or delete Warbands

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Cant load or delete Warbands

Postby Panda » 01 December 2016, 10:04

Hi there,

since two days I had the problem, that I am unable to load or delete any of my warbands.

Some backround, I got a new hard disk and first, after reinstalling Mordheim, any warbands were gone and I've had no Veteran Skills to spend after creating a new one. So I looked in this forum and found a post from Drildgen on october 21st. Following his instructions I copied my old folder into the new one.

So, now I see all my warbands but I cant load any of them, I only can use the "Continue" Button and keep on going to Play my Sisters of Sigmar warband. I have all my Vet Skill and have the option to start a new warband at R5 but I am afraid, that if start a new warband, I am unable to load my Sisters and all warbands a gone.

I dont have this cloud steam thing activatet so cant try to reload something from there.

Every tip or help is appreciated.


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