waste my turn :(

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waste my turn :(

Postby charley222 » 29 November 2016, 15:24

hello everyone , i just buy this game a few day ago and really love the concept to have table game on pc and love so much the lore of war hammer
, here the bug i experience

1- my first try is the tutorials but after a few round my screen come all white and freeze , i get a bit sock after my 5 minute first try the game crash , so np and is my only time

2- here i`m a bit disappoint , i ask to my guy to attack , but my guy never attack but waste is turn and never have the option to attack again :( , idk but is look the big dead tree on my left ,stop him to run and attack , Image
got hard time too win but very love the game because is rewarding to win :)
thank you :) oh byw playing on pc

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