Sisters of Sigmar Library Mission

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Sisters of Sigmar Library Mission

Postby matt486 » 14 November 2016, 21:34

Ado guys,

I've been playing the Sisters of Sigmar Library Mission (Act I, IV) and the game has bugged out on me and is preventing me from completing it. I have retrieved all 7 of the required Dark Tomes, but one of them didn't register when I got it, meaning the mission won't finish. There are still dark sooty clouds around the one I believe it is.

I can't end the mission without abandoning it and damaging my warband that I have put hours in to. One of the limitations of an 'Iron Man' style save system, I fear!

Thanks for any help in advance.


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Re: Sisters of Sigmar Library Mission

Postby Jisur » 14 November 2016, 22:52

That is unfortunate :( A little trick is to get your dramatic person out of action by spamming climb/jump failiures. That will make your warband rout with out everyone needing to take injury.

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