Stair too powerful?

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Stair too powerful?

Postby Varanguard » 08 November 2016, 05:16

So, I've been trying to fight a skaven warband in a pretty typical mission... Ooonly that 4 of them are trapped upstairs in a house with a single way to get up (A staircase).

Problem is that this staircase simply refuses to cooperate. None of my units can fit through it (They basically get stuck in some kind of invisible wall) and the skaven can't seem to get down using it either. They could jump down, but they don't seem to want to, so I'm stuck in a mission where no one's fighting anyone, after taking out a few of the rats.

Wat do?

^this is the staircase.


Re: Stair too powerful?

Postby Varanguard » 08 November 2016, 05:35

Sorry to doublepost, but I couldn't find a way to edit the OP. The entire house has no other way to access the upper levels, there's not a single "Climb" point in or around it. Seeing how I have no way of ranged attacking anyone, am I just stuck forever? No hope the AI will ever jump down and fight?

I've tried moving away, moving around, going to collect more wyrdstone or loot.. but nothing. The AI just stays there, Ambushing and Overwatching ad infinitum... Feels pretty terrible. =/

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Re: Stair too powerful?

Postby Jisur » 08 November 2016, 13:27

This classic stairway bug. Happened allot in the beginning but now it seems more rare. It seems very unlucky to get 4 skaven randomly spawned there.

Have you stolen their Idol? That might get their moral low enough to get rout test :)

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Re: Stair too powerful?

Postby Drildgen » 08 November 2016, 13:41

Greetings Varanguard,

Sorry for the inconvenience this stairway may have caused you... I will personally investigate on this issue and see what is blocking the stairs. In the meantime, Jisur's idea seems to be a good one for your current game, perhaps stealing their idols may cause their morale to go low enough to rout! Otherwise, I'm afraid that you may have to abandon the mission...

Good luck!
Good hunting in the streets of Mordheim!



Re: Stair too powerful?

Postby Varanguard » 08 November 2016, 20:21

I had their idol in one of my bags, but they had their leader up there. Had to quit mission, but fortunately most guys had a fortunate return and only one got a busted eardrum.

Such is life in Mordheim, I guess. :D

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