Weapon Mutations Bonus Inconsistency

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Weapon Mutations Bonus Inconsistency

Postby Corpex » 01 November 2016, 13:09

All weapon types in game have fixed extra effects, mutations included. However mutated clubs and blades have misplaced properties from each other.

Reference info:

Mace Weapon - Hit chance +4%
Sword Weapon - Critical hit chance +2%

Extra Limb Mace Mutation - Increase hit chances by 10%
Extra Limb Blade Mutation - Increase melee crit chances by 5%

Mutated Mace (Crusher, Smasher) - Increase Crit chances by 4% [Misplaced]
Mutated Sword (Slicer, Piercer) - Increase Hit chances by 4% [Misplaced]

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