undead all alone bug?

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undead all alone bug?

Postby Monkilova » 25 October 2016, 20:32

Ok so i've been playing the undead today, really cool looking and fun. However when engaging with a vampire or thrall, Basically anything that is gonna take a terror roll. If i make it so they have to take an all alone check right, but they also have to take a terror check. I have it that if they fail the all alone which is always checked first, they then go on and take the terror check which they pass seems to let them play as normal like they didn't fail the All Alone check. Is there rules for this to be normal or is it a bug ?


Re: undead all alone bug?

Postby flupo42 » 25 November 2016, 16:43

Happened to me several times as well. Fails All Alone, passes Terror, proceeds to beat the hell out of my guys. It's a pretty huge impediment to Undead warband where the vampires who are most mobile and thus are easiest units to rush into right position to force the All Alone check also happens to be the same unit that gives the enemy what amounts to a double roll to ignore it.

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