Desync in multiplayer: killing engaged unit ranged

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Desync in multiplayer: killing engaged unit ranged

Postby Orkhan » 22 October 2016, 13:12

Hello folks,

Wolfoo and I played a multiplayer game. Then the following happened:
My leader shot his henchman A down. A was enganged with my Mutant, my Mutant was also enganged with Henchman B.

The whole fight took place under a bridge-like building.

So on my screen both Mutant and Henchman B were not in fight anymore after I shot the Henchman A. On Wolfoos screen this did not happen.

I used my Darksoul, standing on top, to jump down (this would have not been possible if Hench B and Mutant were still engaged!).

Also, during this game, I killed his leader on my screen, on his screen he was still alive. A round later we desync'd.

I'll send you the logs. Please make the main issue, that engaged units exit combat when you kill a person with ranged weapons, into consideration.
My opponent was very surprised that I was able to jump sort of into combat with my Darksoul!

Yours sincerely,


Re: Desync in multiplayer: killing engaged unit ranged

Postby Wolfoo55 » 22 October 2016, 13:45

So on my screen, henchman A did fall but henchmen B and mutant were still engaged and my leader was engaged to mutant as well, so there was no way he could pass other units.
When his darksouls come from above he just took the place of the mutant, my henchmen and the mutant moved left letting a big space open. ... 5147851620 (the marauder come after the bug occured)
After that another darksouls attack my leader but miss where orkhan saw him fall. A round later with his third darksouls he was running through my living leader and henchman B.

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