Warband chest infinite gold bug (PS4)

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Warband chest infinite gold bug (PS4)

Postby Astralwyrm » 18 October 2016, 14:26

So I had placed 18 gold from other sources into my Skaven warband's chest and when my warpguard placed 10 gold coins into the chest I noticed he was still carrying 10 gold. So I tried a couple more times before realising that the gold count in my warchest was increasing by 10 each time but not consuming the 10 gold he was carrying. I had to withdraw the gold to resolve the bug though I could have just continually stacked gold.

This was in a Rivals in the Ruins mission, Merchant Quarter Map 2 Skaven vs Chaos, starting points bottom and top of the map.

edit: So now my gold count is 48 and I bring in my next warpguard to add to the chest who also has 10 gold and the bug occurs again.


Re: Warband chest infinite gold bug (PS4)

Postby kabsandiego » 22 October 2016, 23:39

I had the same bug today. (PS4)

I am playing human mercenaries. One of my guys was putting some looted stuff in the cart's chest. Other items were moved fine, but the gold crowns would be placed in the chest, but not removed from the backpack inventory. It just kept adding coins to chest, in this case +7, each time. I tried for 3-4 times, and then realized it was a bug.

- Kevin

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