War bands underperforming

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War bands underperforming

Postby Thor12345 » 10 October 2016, 20:40

Hi, not sure if this is. Bug or my offence to,the dice gods have moved to digital format.....
This past month has been the first time playing since the beta tests, I have started 3 ranging from witch hunters to skaven, My Mercs and skaven do ok, but I've started 4 witch hunter bands but can't get more than half a dozen games each because I can't hit my opponents , even with stats as high as 95% I miss with all my attacks, never pass parry rolls or dodge tests, while the AI seems to pass every 10% target dodge no problem when I do hit! It almost feels like the programming has switched round so 10% chance is 90 while 90 is 10, my heroes and henchmen are all so badly crippled I can't continue, has anyone else had similar problems attacking with witch hunters or is it just me? As it's getting very frustrating.....

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